Digital Signage Basics

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Carousel server software runs on Windows as an appliance or in your virtual environment.


Pick your favorite media player: Windows, BrightSign, or Apple TV.


Start with a custom channel design, add your content, look fantastic.

How Things Connect

The Carousel software is sold as either a perpetual or subscription license. We charge per connected media player. There are no additional charges for additional users, features, or even the server software itself. We want it to be easy for you to start and expand your digital signage network!

How to Build Content


Your entire display is a channel.


Channels are broken up into
1 or more zones.
  • Users can create content for specific zones
  • Zones can be shared with other monitors


Zones are placeholders for
1 or more bulletins.
  • Zones contain many different bulletins made up of important messages, audio, video and images.

Shared Zones

    The zones highlighted in dark grey are Global Zones or shared zones. Global zones can be displayed on all of your channels.
    Zones highlighted in light grey are unique to this specific channel. These zones will only appear on this channel in the specific areas of the building where this channel is configured to display. This allows you to have different announcements in your break room for employees than for guests in the lobby, while sharing universal zones such as the time and current weather conditions in both places.
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