Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.0

February 3, 2017
  • New - 10173 - All New Manage Bulletins Screen
    Tired of the old hunting and pecking, well say hello to drag and drop. It does it all, grouping, reordering, filtering, searching, even new bulletin creation!
  • New - 10174 - All New Media Manager
    We even added the same managing options to Media as well as Bulletins.
  • New - 10175 - On Screen Flash Messages
    Have you ever wondered if that thing you just did was successful or not, well wonder no longer. Now we will just tell you.
  • New - 10178 - Improved Player Dashboard
    Drill down to the information needed to get the job done. Sort by name, address, channel, software version, player type or status.
  • New - 10179 - Feed Validation for Weather, RSS, Facebook, and Twitter
    Not only do we check to make sure that your feed is available, but we even pull up the first item so you can see what you want (what you really really want) when making the dynamic bulletin. Oh, we also tell you if you are about to create a bulletin with hundreds of pages.
  • New - 10180 - Simplified Smart Installer
    Act now to receive our fabulous 1 for 2 deal! Thats right, from now on when you order 2 installers we will send you just 1 that does both!
  • New - 10181 - Improved Seamless Background Upload Process
    Now when you upload your Seamless Backgrounds we can update the Standby Graphic to show your gorgeous new background.
  • New - 10183 - Carousel for BrightSign Player Software has been Merged into Carousel
    That's not all, when you order now you also get Carousel for BrightSign. Just pay nothing extra when you get your Carousel 7 upgrade!
  • New - 10185 - Improved Clone Tool
    This new model comes with some stylish new looks, faster 0-100 time and a simpler interface.
  • New - 10186 - Preview of Carousel API
    Really though, you are going to have to trust us on this, because you cannot see it, but we have a new RESTful API. This API should be considered a preview as we will be making huge changes in upcoming maintenance versions.