Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.10

October 31, 2017
  • Bug CSL-637 | Error Logging into Carousel with Usernames That Contain a Period
    Fixed an issue where a username containing a period would cause a failure when trying to log into Carousel. You can now log in without issue with a username that contains a period.
  • Bug CSL-587 | Windows Players Can't Show Interactive Bulletins in Two Zones Simultaneously
    Fixed an issue where having two interactive bulletins showing at the same time would not work. You can now have two interactive bulletins showing at the same time.
  • Bug CSL-682 | CAP Statuses of 'Test' and 'Draft' Now Show in the CAP Log
    Previously 'Test' and 'Draft' messages were silently dropped making it difficult to test using them. These messages will now get logged to facilitate testing.
  • Bug CSL-681 | Incoming Cap Messages Should Not Require Authentication
    This removes the requirement for an authenticated request to the CAP endpoint, so it only requires the CAP Token for authentication as intended.
  • Bug CSL-641 | Carousel Shows an Error When User Is Automatically Logged Out
    Fixed an issue where the user would see an error if they were automatically logged out of Carousel. It now gives you the opportunity to log in instead of an error.
  • Bug CSL-628 | Installer Only Creates Firewall Exceptions for Local Subnet
    Changed the Carousel installer to create Windows Firewall exceptions for all networks instead of just the local subnet. This ensures Carousel services are accessible for systems that are publicly available.
  • Bug CSL-741 | API Memory Leaks
    Fixed several memory leaks in the API.
  • Bug CSL-611 | Carousel Service Can Crash During Housekeeping
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel Service could crash during housekeeping. This prevented critical functions from running. The service should no longer crash during housekeeping.