Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.2

February 21, 2017
  • Bug 10248 | Media Uploads Do Not Respect Rotation Based on Camera Metadata
    Carousel will now properly rotate media and bulletins based on the EXIF data contained in the image.
  • Bug 10247 | Carousel Always Defaults to a Crawl Zone When Logging In
    Fixed an issue where a user's last zone selection was not being saved properly causing the user to always be redirected to a crawl zone when logging in. Carousel will now remember the last zone a user was working on and direct the user to that zone when logging in.
  • Bug 10246 | Uploader for Seamless Backgrounds Display Wrong Channel Dimensions
    Fixed an issue where the uploader for seamless backgrounds would display the current zone's dimensions instead of the channel's dimensions. The uploader now displays the channel's dimensions.
  • Bug 10245 | Dynamic Bulletins With No Content Shown in Active Section of Manage Bulletins
    Fixed an issue where RSS and Cablecast bulletins with not content would be displayed in the active section of manage bulletins even though they were not active on the zone. Bulletins with no content are now displayed in the Upcoming section of manage bulletins.
  • Bug 10244 | Saving a Template in a Zone With No Backgrounds Fails
    Fixed an issue where saving a template in a zone with no backgrounds would fail. Templates will now use a generic solid background generated by the server if the zone contains no backgrounds.
  • Bug 10243 | Error Message When Browser Session Expires
    Improved the experience when the browser session expires. Previously, a generic error message would be displayed to the user making it unclear what the problem was. Now the user will be specifically alerted when there login is expired and will be given the option to navigate to the login page.
  • Bug 10249 | User Interface Shows Zone as in Alert Mode Even If No Alerts Are Active
    Fixed an issue where Carousel would consider deleted bulletins when determining if a zone was in alert mode. This could cause a zone to be marked as in alert mode incorrectly. Now only non-deleted bulletins are considered when determining alert mode.
  • Bug 10252 | Clone Tool Can Error When Importing Channels That Use the Same Media Multiple Times
    Fixed an issue where the clone tool would incorrectly try to extract media to the same location multiple times causing an error when trying to import the channel. The clone tool now correctly determines conflicts and extracts the media to the correct path.
  • Bug 10251 | RSS Bulletins With Large Number of Pages Can Show Broken Image
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel Renderer would delete the preview image for a bulletin when rendering it. This would cause the bulletin to appear broken until it was finished rendering. For bulletins with a large number of pages, this could take a noticeable amount of time. Carousel now updates the preview at the end of the render preventing a broken image.
  • Bug 10253 | Media Uploads Incorrectly Display a Success Message When a Media Upload Is Too Large
    Fixed an issue where the user interface would incorrectly display a success message when an upload failed due to being larger than the servers maximum file upload size. The user interface now displays an error message informing the user that the file was too large.
  • Bug 10257 | Can Not Configure Custom Proxy
    Fixed an issue where it was impossible to setup a custom proxy server for Carousel. The user interface incorrectly referred to a custom proxy as a manual proxy resulting in an error when trying to save the configuration. The user interface now correctly saves custom proxy configurations.
  • Bug 10255 | Database Script Can Add Objects to Wrong Schema
    Fixed an issue where database objects such as stored procedures could be added to the wrong schema depending on the user account that ran the migration script. This would prevent Carousel from operating correctly. Objects are now added to the correct schema regardless of the account running the script.
  • Bug 10254 | Facebook Page Searches Are Not Sorted Correctly
    Fixed an issue where Facebook page searches were incorrectly sorted by page category making it difficult to find the desired page in the search results. Search results are now correctly sorted by relevance.
  • Bug 10262 | Change Default for Text Outline in New Templates
    Text outline is now disabled by default for new templates.
  • Bug 10263 | Remote Data Adapter Fails to Handle Picture Blocks
    Fixed an issue with Remote Data Adapter (RDA) that was preventing picture blocks from being created or modified using UpdatePage and CreatePage commands.