Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.3

March 21, 2017
  • Bug 10282 | Allow Uploading Interactive Bulletins
    Interactive bulletins can now be uploaded using the Carousel user interface and will be hosted locally on the Carousel Server. It is important to note that only static files including HTML, CSS, and images are supported. All uploaded files are prohibited from executing on the server.
  • Bug 10278 | Carousel Services Uses Excessive Amounts of Memory When Starting
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel service would use excessive amount of memory when starting potentially causing poor performance or system hangs. The issue was the result of leaking images while validating media sizes during startup. The service now ensures the objects do not get leaked resulting in acceptable memory use.
  • Bug 10279 | Bulletins Are Moved Out Of A Group After Editing
    Fixed an issue where a bulletin would be moved outside of its group after editing.
  • Bug 10277 | Carousel Installer Crashes When Clicking Finished After Installation
    Fixed an issue where installer would crash when clicking finished. This bug was introduced by a change to the installer user interface to confirm if a user wants to exit the installer when an installation is in progress. When already complete, the exit action would trigger an infinite loop causing the installer to crash. The installer now exits normally.
  • Bug 10293 | Standalone Carousel Player Installer Does Not Install Player Dependencies
    As of Carousel 7.0 the Carousel Player installer is provided in the Carousel user interface to make it easier to commission new players without needing to contact Tightrope Media Systems for download keys. A common problem was that the provided installer does not contain any of the dependencies required. To address this we now host all the dependencies on the Carousel Server, and the Carousel Player will download the dependencies from the server and install them automatically when first starting.
  • Bug 10292 | Installer Appears To Hang When Downloading Some Dependencies
    Improved the experience when the installer must download some dependencies including firmware for BrightSign players. The installer now indicates what dependencies it is downloading and provides a progress indicator.
  • Bug 10291 | Installer Fails When Installing Server on x86 Systems
    Fixed a crash when running the Carousel installer on x86 systems due to scheduling an installer command that only is only present on x64 systems.
  • Bug 10289 | Installer Does Not Accept Command Line Arguments For Silent Installs
    Fixed an issue where the installer was ignoring arguments for selecting the different components that could be installed preventing the installer from doing silent installs.
  • Bug 10288 | Installer Can Fail When Installing For The First Time
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel installer could fail when installing for the first time. The error was due to a timing issue when creating new user accounts and then trying to set permissions using those accounts. If the accounts were not fully available, the install would fail then run correctly the second time. We now delay using the accounts to allow the operating system enough time to finish creating the accounts.
  • Bug 10287 | Channel Lists Are Not Sorted By Channel Name
    Fixed several drop down lists where channels were sorted by an internal ID and not by the name of the channel.
  • Bug 10286 | Server Health Warning Fails To Go Away After Problem Is Corrected
    Fixed an issue where certain failed health checks would prevent the user interface from checking the system health in the future. The user interface now continues to poll for the system health and will remove the warning message if the issue is corrected.
  • Bug 10285 | Installer Provides Poor Feedback When Dependency Installation Fails
    When an installation fails the Carousel installer will now update the failure message to indicate which dependency has failed as well as the error message provided by the failing dependency.
  • Bug 10284 | Installer Supports Install SQL Server On x64 Operating Systems
    Made several improvements to detecting and installing SQL Server dependency when installing Carousel Server. The installer now passes through installation status for SQL Server to provide a better experience when installing Carousel. Please note that the installer only supports installing SQL Server on x64 systems. If SQL Server is missing on x86 systems Carousel server installation will be disabled.
  • Bug 10283 | Configuration Files Are Removed When Upgrading
    Fixed an issue where configuration files that contain SQL Server connection strings and Active Directory membership configuration were incorrectly removed during an uninstall or upgrade. The installer now leaves these files in place. Additionally the installer makes a backup of these files during an upgrade.
  • Bug 10295 | User Interface Will Error When Server Can Not Be Contacted
    The Carousel user interface now periodically checks that it can still connect to the server and will indicate to the user when it is offline or the Carousel server cannot be reached.
  • Bug 10294 | Installers Always Attempt To Run SQL Scripts On Default SQL Configuration
    Fixed an issue where the installer would always attempt to run SQL migration scripts on the default SQL server instead of respecting the actual system configuration for SQL. The installer now loads the system's SQL connection string configuration and runs the SQL migration scripts on the configured SQL server.
  • Bug 10299 | Carousel Is Difficult To Install Without an Internet Connection
    This release makes available a new offline version of the installer that has all required dependencies within two large downloads. The Carousel 7 portion of the installer allows installing Carousel Server without an internet connection. A separate SQL Server.offline file is also required if installing server on a system without SQL server already installed. The new offline installer has proven to work well for upgrades but there are known issues when installing on a new system.