Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.5

May 17, 2017
  • Bug CSL-61 | Bulletins May Have Wrong Background After Upgrade to Carousel 7
    Fixed an issue where a bulletins background could be changed to an incorrect media asset during migration. Bulletins will now be migrated with the correct background.
  • Bug CSL-121 | Players Do Not Always Reconnect to the Notifications Socket
    Fixed an issue where players would not reconnect to receive notifications from the server, if the connection was lost. Players now have an additional mechanism they can use to reconnect to the server notifications socket.
  • Bug CSL-188 | Memory Consumption From the Carousel Service Can Get Too High
    Fixed a memory leak in the Carousel service which could cause it to consume all of the available memory after a few days of operation. The Carousel services now consistently consumes a reasonable amount of memory.
  • Bug CSL-71 | Analog Clock Bulletins Display Without Hands
    Fixed an issue where analog clock bulletins would display without hands. The clock hands now display properly.
  • Bug CSL-69 | Server Install Always Fails When SQL Server Is Not Installed Locally
    Fixed an issue where the installer would fail when using the REMOTE_SQL flag if SQL Server was not installed locally. The installer now runs properly when using the REMOTE_SQL flag if SQL Server is not installed locally.
  • Bug CSL-239 | Using Latitude and Longitude for Location in Weather Bulletins Does Not Work
    Fixed an issue where entering latitude and longitude for location when creating a weather bulletin would not work. Latitude and Longitude is now a usable option for establishing location for weather bulletins.
  • Bug CSL-49 | RDA ChangePageStatus Command Updates Bulletin Status
    Fixed an issue where bulletin schedule modifications using the Remote Data Adapter (RDA) ChangePageStatus command caused unexpected behavior due to incompatibility with Carousel 7 schedule changes. The command now modifies the bulletin's schedule in a compatible way to effectively turn it on or off.
  • Bug CSL-58 | Weather Bulletins Should Show Celsius Temperature as a Whole Number
    Fixed an issue where weather bulletins set to show temperature in Celsius would only show temperatures increments of 1 and would always show a decimal of 0. Celsius weather bulletins now have their temperature values rounded to the nearest 0.5 degree value, and integer values will no longer show the decimal (ex: 20.0 will show as 20).
  • Bug CSL-205 | Installer Fails to Enable IIS in Windows Server 2016
    Fixed an issue where the installer couldn't enable a necessary prerequisite on Windows Server 2016. The installer now enables all necessary prerequisites on Windows Server 2016 systems.
  • Bug CSL-275 | Bulletin Creation Can Fail If Sibling Bulletins Are Moved
    Fixed an issue where saving a bulletin in a position relative to a bulletin that was deleted would fail. The bulletin is now created at the end of the bulletin cycle.
  • Bug CSL-279 | Frontdoor Database Is Not in Working State After Installing on New System
    Fixed several issues that contributed to the Frontdoor database not being in an operable state after running the Carousel installer on a system that has never had FrontDoor or Carousel installed previously. The Frontdoor database is now fully functional after installing.
  • Bug CSL-131 | Players With Multiple Monitors Show Black on Monitors Not in Use
    Fixed an issue where players with multiple monitors would display black on the monitor not being used for the player. Players with multiple monitors will now have usable desktops on monitors that the the player is not currently using.
  • Bug CSL-119 | Prevent Edit Operations From Corrupting Templates and Bulletins After an Upgrade
    Put in place prevention measures for an issue where editing a bulletin or template while a data migration is in progress after an upgrade could result in a corrupt bulletin or template. The ability to edit a bulletin or template is now disabled while a data migration is in progress. A banner will be present in the user interface to indicate while a migration is in progress and will go away when normal operation is restored.
  • Bug CSL-110 | Carousel Installer Fails If Dependency Requires System Restart
    Fixed an issue where the installer would report a generic error message when a dependency required a restart. We now detect the restart condition and inform the user that a restart is required. After the system restarts, the install will resume if needed.
  • Bug CSL-308 | Player Connection Test Fails Bulletin Information Download
    Fixed an issue where players on new systems would fail the bulletin information download check due to the test file being moved. Players on properly configured systems now can pass the bulletin information download check.
  • Bug CSL-304 | Installer Can Write Files to the Wrong Directory
    Fixed an issue where the installer would write some files to directories that are different from the target directory. It now installs all files to proper place.
  • Bug CSL-293 | RDA Commands Don't Move Bulletins in an Error State
    Fixed an issue where sending an exclusive alert command through RDA would not properly turn off a bulletin that is in an error state preventing multiple active alerts to be active at the same time. The exclusive alert RDA command now properly turns off a bulletin that is in an error state.
  • Bug CSL-77 | Video Bulletins Can Show out of Position
    Fixed an issues where video bulletins would show out of position for the first few bulletins cycles causing it to show black. Fixed another issue where a video bulletin would briefly show larger than intended. Video bulletins now show in the correct position and size.