Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.7

July 26, 2017
  • Bug CSL-417 | Videos Won't Play On BrightSign Players If An Alert Is Active
    Fixed an issue where a zone containing an active alert that is not a video that also contains a non alert video would prevent videos from playing on all other zones in the channel.
  • Bug CSL-462 | Removing Channel Schedule Entries Is Not Reflected Properly in the UI
    Fixed an issue where removing a channel schedule entry was not reflected in the UI until you saved the channel schedule. Channel schedule entries now are removed from the UI when the "Remove Entry" button is clicked.
  • Bug CSL-466 | Disable Zone Editing When Zone Is Migrating
    While content within a zone is undergoing a migration, the zone properties will be locked and all of the functions found in the zone configuration menu will be disabled.
  • Bug CSL-436 | Files with Upper Case File Extensions Cannot Be Uploaded
    Fixed an issue where the user interface would incorrectly mark file uploads as unsupported if the file extension was not lowercase. You are now able to upload files with upper case file extensions.
  • Bug CSL-479 | Zones Can Fail To Save When Initially Created
    Fixed an issue where zones with small widths or heights would fail to size because a dimension was rounded to zero when generating thumbnails. We now round the thumbnails dimensions to at least one pixel.
  • Bug CSL-450 | Carousel Interface Can Fail To Load After Upgrade
    Fixed an issue where the windows installer engine would incorrectly mark files as not required for install. This would cause the Carousel installation to be incomplete and prevent normal operation. We now trigger a complete uninstall during an upgrade allowing for a successful install.
  • Bug CSL-393 | Clone Tool Doesn't Successfully Migrate Imported Content
    Fixed an issue where bulletins and templates would be left migrated after being imported using the clone tool. The items will now be migrated and available to edit within minutes of an import.
  • Bug CSL-478 | Thumbnails on Manage Media Page Flash and Change Order
    In certain situations the items on the manage media page would shuffle their order randomly every few seconds.  This has been corrected.
  • Bug CSL-488 | new templates stuck in the settings tab: see video
    Frustratingly, if you saved a template while on the settings tab, you got stuck on the settings tab for future template edits until you refreshed your browser.  We felt that was probably the wrong thing to do, so we fixed it.
  • Bug CSL-142 | Bulletin preview doesn't update when using custom digital clock
    Overly aggressive browser caching was making the digital clock bulletin preview not update as regularly as we would have liked.  Overly aggressive cache busting should help with that.