Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.0.8

August 16, 2017
  • Bug CSL-442 | Importing Clone Packages Does Not Import Bulletins in Correct Order
    Fixed an issue where bulletin order would not be preserved in Clone packages exported on a version after 7.0.0. Clone packages now include the bulletin order information.
  • Bug CSL-325 | BrightSign Health Check Will Fail Until a Service Restart After Update
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel background service incorrectly cached the BrightSign health check before all update operations had been completed. The service now re-checks the BrightSign health check after the update is fully complete.
  • Bug CSL-512 | Error Popups Can Have Incomplete Information
    We put some more useful information into the error popups, so if there is an issue, we can track it down and fix it faster.
  • Bug CSL-496 | Editing Templates Can Become Broken After Uploading a Seamless Background
    Fixed an issue where uploading a seamless background would incorrectly set the zone's width to a corrupt value causing errors in the user interface. You are now able to edit templates after uploading a seamless background.
  • Bug CSL-425 | BrightSign Players Do Not Correctly Play Bulletins with Video Blocks If Bulletin Is Last in Cycle
    Fixed an issue where the BrightSign player would flash the standby graphic and fail to play a video when a video block bulletin was last in the cycle. The standby graphic no longer flashes when transitioning and videos play without issue.
  • Bug CSL-513 | No Redirect from Carousel WebDisplay After Updating from Previous Versions to 7.0
    Fixed an issue where the URL for web previews for zones and channels were not being redirected to their new location in 7.0.0. The URL used in versions prior to 7.0.0 for the web preview will now redirect to the new location in 7.0.0.
  • Bug CSL-432 | Bulletins on Synchronized BrightSign Players Can Transition Out of Sync.
    Fixed an issue where transitioning from a standard bulletin to a video bulletin would not transition in sync on synchronized players. They now transition in sync.
  • Bug CSL-538 | All Items Can Be Filtered From Dynamic Bulletins
    Fixed an issue where a zones excluded words list and a bulletins excluded words would be combined incorrectly causing all items from a dynamic feed to be excluded. Only expected items are now excluded from dynamic bulletins.
  • Bug CSL-517 | Windows Players Can Fail To Transition To Next Bulletin In Cycle
    Fixed an issue where a bad database value for a bulletin would cause the player to get stuck. Carousel now ensures that the values are correct during periodic housekeeping.
  • Bug CSL-486 | RSS Bulletins Can Fail To Render
    Fixed an issue where some RSS feeds would fail to render because the RSS server identified Carousel as an outdated browser. We now use a custom user agent so that RSS feeds do not see Carousel as an outdated browser.
  • Bug CSL-534 | Twitter Authentications Can Exceed Twitter API Rate Limits
    Fixed an issue where creating Twitter authentications would exceed the Twitter API request limit due to looking up Twitter user names. We now cache the Twitter user name for the authentication to reduce API requests.
  • Bug CSL-503 | Some Bulletin or Template Properties May Not Persist When Saving
    Fixed an issue where some bulletin or template properties such as bold would not persist when saving. Template properties are now persisted when saved.
  • Bug CSL-264 | Media Copied or Moved Between Zones Can Lose Tags
    Fixed an issue where tags were not correctly created or associated when moving or copying media between zones. Media now has its proper tags when moved or copied.
  • Bug CSL-559 | Zones With Video Can Get Stuck Displaying Black On Windows Players
    Fixed an issue where the player would not detect a video had finished playing and would show black instead of transitioning to the next bulletin. It now detects the end of videos and transitions to next bulletin.
  • Bug CSL-543 | BrightSign Players Do Not Update After Upgrade Installation
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel installer could not overwrite existing BrightSign manifest files resulting in players not updating. BrightSign players now update to the proper version after an upgrade.
  • Bug CSL-542 | Installer Fails While Running On 32-bit Operating System
    Fixed an issue where the installer would immediately fail and exit when run on 32-bit operating systems. The installer now works as expected on 32-bit operating systems.
  • Bug CSL-580 | Windows Player Can Not Be Exited From Splash Screen
    You are now allowed to hit the Cancel button while the player performs connectivity checks during startup.
  • Bug CSL-491 | Saving Channel Configuration Can Produce Errors
    Fixed some underlying bugs that were causing errors when saving channels.  Saving channels is now much less error prone.
  • Bug CSL-582 | User Interface Can Become Unresponsive When Deleting Large Amounts Of Bulletins
    Fixed an issue where the user interface would become unresponsive when deleting bulletins in bulk. We improved the performance when deleting a lot of bulletins.
  • Bug CSL-461 | Database Health Checks Can Fail On Certain Servers
    Fixed an issue where database health checks would fail if connection strings contained passwords. The database health checks will now respect connection strings that contain passwords, and their timeout can be configured for cases where a remote SQL server responds too slowly.
  • Bug CSL-501 | Improve Twitter Authentication Messages
    Fixed erroneous sightings of Twitter authentications becoming un-authenticated.  Also provided better feedback about whose twitter account was being used for authorization.
  • Bug CSL-500 | Carousel Server Installer Fails If Windows Firewall Is Disabled
    Fixed an issue where the installer would fail on servers where the Windows Firewall was disabled. The installer will no longer fail when Windows Firewall is disabled.
  • Bug CSL-182 | Channel Preview Link on Player Dashboard Screen
    Added a link to the player dashboard to preview the channel a specific player is displaying.
  • Bug CSL-591 | Add Hover Text for Version Field on the Players Table
    Added hover text to the player version on the players table when it gets cut short at certain browser widths.
  • Bug CSL-515 | Improve Performance On Large Systems
    Made several enhancements to the Carousel API to improve performance on systems with large amounts of data. With these fixes the user interface will load faster and put less strain on the Carousel server.