Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.2.0

February 2, 2018
  • CSL-1059 - Remove  Ineffective Proxy Configuration for Windows Players
  • Windows players require a connection  to the server to download control information which was never able to pass  through a proxy, so we decided to remove the setting to configure the player  proxy so it doesn't get anyone's hopes up.
  • CSL-1080 - Player  Are Showing as Unlicensed After Upgrade to 7.1
    Fixed an issue where a Windows player  would report that there were no licenses available after upgrading. Windows  players will now check in as expected after an upgrade.
  • CSL-1113 - Impression  Counts Are Not Working for Brightsign and AVNU Players
    Fixed an issue where bulletin impressions  were not being tracked on BrightSign players. Impressions are now tracked  without issue on BrightSign units.
  • CSL-1168 - Bulletins  and Templates Can Lose Media When Exported
    Fixed an issue where exporting a  channel via the Clone tool could cause bulletins and templates to lose  pictures and videos if the bulletins or templates were moved or copied to a  different zone prior to the export.
  • CSL-760 - Carousel  Ui Doesn't Use Proxy Settings for Validating Dynamic Bulletins
    Fixed a problem with the UI where the  proxy settings were not loaded before use, and the default configuration of  no proxy was used instead.
  • CSL-956 - Clone  Tool Doesn't Set Media Permission for Carousel App Pool
    Fixed the secret trick when using the  Clone Tool to fix permissions on your Carousel Media. It was not adding  permissions for the users used by current IIS configurations.
  • CSL-1015 - Deleting  a Bulletin Causes the Current Day's Impressions to Be Lost
    Fixed an issue where deleting a  bulletin would delete the current day's impression count. It will now  preserve the impressions all the way up to the deletion time.
  • CSL-1033 - Copying  a Template to Another Zone References the Wrong Media
    Fixed an issue where Carousel would  not scale a template to the proper size when copying a template to another  zone of a different size. It now scales the template properly as expected.
  • CSL-1055 - Unable  to Load Player Dashboard After Upgrade from 6.x to 7.x
    Fixed an issue with the Player  Dashboard where it would not load if any players had not checked in since it  was running Player software from 6.5 or older.
  • CSL-1071 - Browser  Language Selection Is Not Always Being Respected
    Fixed an issue with how Carousel  handles the language preference sent by the browser that cause the user  interface not to load. It now chooses the most preferable supported language  as expected.
  • CSL-1077 - Carousel  Renderer Service Can Fail to Restart
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel  Renderer Service would fail to start when a previous instance was not  properly cleaned up.
  • CSL-1078 - Carousel  Renderer Service Fails to Restart After a Crash
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel  Renderer Service would attempt to restart too quickly after a problem which  didn't allow time for the previous instance to clean up. The service now  restarts after 2 minutes.
  • CSL-1169  - Error  When Copying Imported Bulletins or Templates
    Fixed an issue that could cause an  error when copying bulletins or templates with backgrounds that came from a  Clone import and were copied before they got exported.