Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.2.1

March 1, 2018
  • CSL-837 - Players  can stop updating content
    Fixed an issue where players could  get into a state where they were unable to download new content because of a  dynamic bulletin with no content that didn't render a final.jpg file.
  • CSL-1124 - Changing  a Bulletin Block to a Web Picture or Picture Block Throws Error When Trying  to Save
    Fixed an issue where changing a block  in a bulletin or template to a web picture block or a picture block would  throw an error when trying to save. You are now able to save bulletins and  templates with web picture and picture blocks without issue.
  • CSL-1034 - Language  Falls Back to English if a Supported Language is Not First in the Browser  Language List
    Fixed an issue where any browser  language choices other than the first rank choice would be ignored when  determining which language to display. Carousel will now properly fall back  to the first supported language from the requested languages.
  • CSL-1039 - Player  Setting Passwords Are Lost After Editing a BrightSign Player
    Fixed an issue where saving a  BrightSign player's settings would clear out all of the player specific  passwords for DWS, SSH, and WiFi. This caused the players to have a  configuration mismatch even if no settings were changed. That will not longer  happen and passwords cannot be empty.
  • CSL-1210 - Flash  Message Is Incorrect When Deleting a Single Player
    Fixed an issue with the flash message  displayed when deleting a single player.
  • CSL-1214 - Clicking  Cancel When Editing Players Does Not Revert Some Changes
    Fixed and issue where canceling out  of editing a player would save some settings. It now reverts all settings  when canceling out of the player edit screen.
  • CSL-1221 - CAP  token is unchangeable in the ui
    Fixed an issue that made the CAP  token un-editable.