Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.3.0

May 11, 2018
  • CSL-1072 - Repeating  Bulletins for BrightSign
    Add repeating bulletin feature to  BrightSign players. It functions the same as repeating bulletins on Windows  or AppleTV players.
  • CSL-1081 - International  Frame Rates
    BrightSign players now support the  ability to play PAL videos in the correct frame rate. The option to enable  PAL videos was added to the advanced settings of the BrightSign players in  the dashboard.
  • CSL-1082 - Dean Evans  EMS Integration
    Using EMS as a data source for Event  Display bulletins is now possible again.  This integration requires the  EMS SOAP API (read only).  Set up EMS as an external authorization in  the system settings and then choose it as the data source in a Carousel  bulletin.
  • CSL-1234 - Carousel  Supports Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    Carousel now supports Transport Layer  Security.  Properly configure IIS with a valid SSL certificate and HTTPS  bindings and communication for the user interface and players will be  secure. 
  • CSL-1260 - API Authentication  and Authorization
    The Carousel API endpoints are now  implementing a more strict authentication and authorization policy.
  • CSL-1366 - Carousel_Player.msi  is not provided by the Carousel installer on new systems
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel  player software installer was not being put on the server using the offline  Carousel installer to be made available for download.
  • CSL-313 - Removing  a Zone Still Uses That Zone to Calculate the Overlap Warnings in the Channel  Editor
    Fixed an issue where zones that are  removed from the channel were still used to calculate if zones were  overlapping on the channel edit screen.
  • CSL-493 - SQL  Collation not setting properly
    Installing on a server with regional  settings set to a value other than English/US no longer prevents the player  software from working on Windows players.
  • CSL-1160 - iCal  Validation Error with Certain Valid Feeds
    Fixed an issue where Carousel would  not be able to read iCal feeds with invalid line wrapping. The subsequent  lines are now ignored and the #Description# or #summary# will be truncated to  the first line.
  • CSL-1167 - Deleted  Zones Can Appear Back in the Zone List
    Fixed an issue where deleted zones  would appear back in the zone list after they were deleted.
  • CSL-1171 - Text  Block Field Size Not Being Saved
    Fixed an issue with editing a  template block's text field size from multi-line to one-line was not saving.
  • CSL-1216 - Block  order does not save/persist in template
    Fixed an issue where changing block  order in the template editor would not always save correctly.
  • CSL-1290 - Carousel  RSS ZONE feed publicationDate causes RSS bulletins to be rendered more often  then they should
    The RSS Zone feed now sets the  publicationDate to match the most recently updated bulletin's LastUpdate  value, rounded down to the minute. It would previously set the  publicationDate to the current DateTime, which caused the RSS readers to  refresh much more often than necessary.
  • CSL-1422 - Facebook  "Search" field should be renamed "URL"
    Due to recent changes in the Facebook  API, we have changed how Facebook bulletins are created. Now, instead of  searching for a page, you will be required to find the public page on  Facebook and copy the URL into the bulletin settings.
  • CSL-622 - Uploaded  Bulletins Do Not Respect Zone Settings for Public Site Display
    Fixed an issue where the default  value for displaying a bulletin on the public site was not being respected  for uploaded bulletins.
  • CSL-1040 - Incorrect  clock can show the wrong player status in dashboard
    Fixed an issue where the player  status could appear incorrect if the clock on the client machine was not in  sync with the server. Now the status is decided by the server's clock so  check in information is correct.
  • CSL-1170 - Icons on  bulletin thumbnail (already created bulletins)
    Added mouse hover text for bulletin  action buttons.
  • CSL-1286 - Reboot  prompt doesn't appear after a channel change in firefox
    Fixed an issue where the BrightSign  reboot prompt would not appear in a Firefox browser.