Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.4.0

August 14, 2018
  • CSL-1396 - BrightSign Series 4 Player Support
    Series 4 BrightSign player support XD234, XD1034, XT244, XT1144. The XT244 and XT1144 players support 4K graphics & video.
  • CSL-1600 - Facebook bulletins will be disabled if Facebook cannot be accessed
    Changes with Facebook have prevented Carousel from accessing Facebook content. The ability to create Facebook bulletins will be disabled whenever we are unable to access Facebook content.
  • CSL-1758 - Repeating Bulletins Continue to Display During Active Zone Alerts
    Fixed an issue where repeating bulletins would continue to display while there was a zone alert active.
  • CSL-44 - Offline Server with DNS Configured Causes Players to Fail to Connect
    When a Carousel server does not have a DNS server connected your BrightSigns will now fail to connect once then connect and behave normally assuming the server address is correct.
  • CSL-677 - Database Backup Fails for Carousel Using Frontdoor Back up Tool
    The Carousel database can now be backed up successfully using Frontdoor's Database Tools.
  • CSL-1334 - ED Bulletins Grouped by Time or Room Render each group on its own bulletin
    Event Display Bulletins that are grouped by ROOM or TIME have the option to display multiple items on each page. If another grouping option is selected, the toggle to display multiple items is hidden from view.
  • CSL-1566 - FrontDoor Password Requirements Do Not Save
    Fixed an issue where Frontdoor's server security settings for password requirements were not being saved.
  • CSL-1569 - Windows Player Countdown Timer Bulletins Ignore Date
    Fixed an issue where countdown timers would not respect their specified date on Windows players.
  • CSL-1617 - BrightSign Serial Monitor Control can delay transitioning/playing of bulletins
    Fixed an issue where monitor control codes with a pause in them would make the BrightSign player unresponsive.
  • CSL-1692 - RSS Feeds Can Display Symbols Instead of Punctuation on Windows Players
    Fixed an encoding issue with crawls on Windows players.
  • CSL-1700 - Deleted Channel IDs Remain in Database Causing UI Instability
    Fixed an issue where the UI would become unresponsive or slow due to database tables not being cleaned up after deleting a channel.
  • CSL-1766 - New installations on Win Server 2016, Win 10 or later, deploy SQL version 2016
    New Carousel installs on systems running Windows Server 2016/Windows 10 or later now deploy SQL Server Express 2016 with SP2, along with SQL Studio Management 2017. These configurations no longer rely on .NET 3.5. On systems running older Windows version it will now deploy SQL Server Express 2014 with SP2. This change does not affect system upgrades or remote SQL deployments.
  • CSL-1770 - Linked bulletin creation fails with proper rights
    Fixed an issue where users with admin rights to all zones were unable to create linked bulletins.
  • CSL-1282 - Update Twitter bulletins to support Twitter API changes
    Twitter bulletins now respect longer text, embedded links and media and improved "retweet" display.
  • CSL-1380 - Clock Bulletin Can Display Time Over Other Bulletins on Windows Players
    Fixed an issue where a busy Windows player could display the clock face on top of other bulletins in the zone.
  • CSL-1521 - Zone Placement Is Not Persisted When Creating a New Channel
    Fixed an issue where newly created channels would not save their zone placement.
  • CSL-1550 - Installer Can Fail the First Time on Cloud Based Servers
    Improved the Carousel installer reliability when upgrading from an older Carousel version.
  • CSL-1571 - Carousel Services Don't Start Up on Reboot
    Fixed an issue where the Carousel Render Service would fail to start if it was started before the SQL server or RabbitMQ service were ready to talk to it.
  • CSL-1582 - Error When Uploading a Bulletin Package with a Video Block Bulletin
    Fixed an issue where bulletin packages with bulletins with video blocks would cause an error.
  • CSL-1584 - Rendering of Web Picture Blocks Can Tax the CPU
    Web picture blocks are now cached in memory. This allows multiple requests to the same web picture block resource within a short period of time to be much quicker.
  • CSL-1588 - Linked Bulletins Don't Change with Alert Status
    Fixed an issue where linked copies of bulletins would not be updated to reflect alert or saved status.
  • CSL-1616 - Installer Fails With netFX 3 Error
    Carousel has now severed all ties to the .NET 3.5 framework. Installing Carousel will no longer enable the .NET 3.5 Windows feature.
  • CSL-1664 - External Authentications Do Not Use the Proxy Settings
    Fixed an issue where creating an external authentication would fail if the server was set to use an http proxy.
  • CSL-1754 - Player Notifications Server Fails to Start After Restarting the Carousel Service
    Fixed an issue where the player notifications server would not start after an update or the Carousel service being restarted.
  • CSL-1331 - Social Media Bulletins Do Not Respect Character Limit
    Fixed an issue where social media bulletins would not respect the character limit when displaying the #ItemText# field.
  • CSL-1462 - Brightsign Clocks don't Respect \n Escape
    Fixed an issue where BrightSign players were not respecting new lines on custom digital clock formats.
  • CSL-1574 - Monitor Control Can Leave Players' Monitors on Longer Than Expected
    Fixed an issue where players that control their monitors would leave the monitor on for one minute too long.
  • CSL-1583 - Bulletins That Require Authentications Can Default to an Invalid Authentication
    Fixed an issue where dynamic bulletins that require authentication would default to an invalid external authentication, the will now default to the first available authentication.