Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.4.1

October 8, 2018
  • CSL-2026 - Player Connectivity Issues with Large Video Assets
    Fixed an issue where the verification of large videos that are uploaded as video bulletins (not as media) could cause the service to become unresponsive to player requests for content.
  • CSL-2028 - XT4 BrightSign Players Get into Reboot Loop When Changing Between HD and 4K Channels
    Fixed an issue where XT4 BrightSign players could get into a reboot loop when switching channel resolutions. Changing to a channel with a different resolution (HD to 4K) requires a reboot, so we take care of that now.
  • CSL-1605 - Add Prompt When Disabling a Zone Alert That Has Linked Bulletins
    When you disable an alert that has linked alerts in other zones, Carousel now prompts you to be sure you want to disable all alerts in other zones as well. Along with this, we now removed the "Disable Alerts" button if a user does not have access to disable linked alerts in other zones. The user can still disable the alerts manually in manage bulletins.
  • CSL-1842 - Frontdoor Database Script Doesn't Run When Upgrading Systems with Older Versions of SQL Server
    Fixed an issue where the database scripts would not run when updating Carousel if an older version of SQL Server was installed.