Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.4.2

December 21, 2018
  • Bug CSL-2106 | Dynamic bulletins stop updating -Fixed an issue where dynamic bulletin rendering could get stuck indefinitely. Bulletins such as RSS and Event Display bulletins would either show visible #hastags# placeholders instead of actual data, or would show stale data.
  • Bug CSL-2162 | Multi-Page Bulletins Can Cause Excessive CPU Usage - Fixed an issue that could cause multi-pages bulletins to get stuck in a rendering loop, resulting in CPU usage constantly being 100% for extended period of times.
  • Bug CSL-2212 | Carousel SQL Script Sets Incorrect Main Directory Location - Fixed an issue where the main directory for Carousel was set incorrectly when running the Carousel database script manually.
  • Bug CSL-2206 | Monitor Control Schedule Entry Times are Incorrect when the Server is in a Different Time Zone - Fixed an issue where the server would return a different time value for channel and monitor control schedules when the user was in a different timezone as the server.