Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.5

March 27, 2019
  • Bug CSL-2292 | Port new dynamic templates and bumpers to 7.x - Dynamic templates and bumper graphics have been given a fresh new look!
  • Bug CSL-2331 | Port CSL-2306 to 7.5 - Fixed an issue that would prevent Twitter bulletins from being published if the zone or bulletin contained excluded words.
  • Bug CSL-2324 | Port CSL-1856 to 7.5 - Disposing of a template after copying it to a different zone will no longer break the copied template.
  • Bug CSL-2502 | Add Player Name to Player Notification Emails - Added the player name to player notification emails instead of just the host name.
  • Bug CSL-2334 | Updated RSS Libraries - The method Carousel uses to read RSS and ATOM feeds has been updated to improve compatibility and performance.
  • Bug CSL-2450 | Content Accessibility - The Accessibility Site introduces content consumption and browsing, with the use of assistive technologies for accessibility, without requiring login. The Site is a channel based structure that can be enabled or disabled, for an alternative content browsing experience for users. Channels, Zones and Bulletins can all be opted into or out of for granular control over what content displays on the Accessibility Site. Channels are opt in and zones and bulletins are opt out. When Channels are enabled, a link to the content will be provided on the Accessibility Site.
  • Bug CSL-2106 | Dynamic bulletins stop updating - Fixed an issue where dynamic bulletin rendering could get stuck indefinitely. Bulletins such as RSS and Event Display bulletins would either show visible #hastags# placeholders instead of actual data, or would show stale data.
  • Bug CSL-2474 | Basic Auth API Access is Broken - Restored third party access to the Carousel API.
  • Bug CSL-1775 | Upload limit in IIS is 2GB by default - The maximum file size when uploading media content has been increased from 1GB to 2GB.
  • Bug CSL-1957 | Change Default Password Hash Algorithm - Security enhancements.
  • Bug CSL-2189 | RabbitMQ unstable on install/update - Carousel no longer installs the RabbitMQ service's dependencies in the current Windows user's data folder. Instead it will use the common TRMS base folder. This ensures Windows users can be safely removed without affecting Carousel.
  • Bug CSL-2306 | Zone and Bulletin Excluded Words Break Twitter Bulletin Feed Validation - Fixed an issue where having excluded words for a zone or on a Twitter bulletin would break the feed validation.
  • Bug CSL-2312 | Full Screen Alert Subscription Priority Can't Be Adjusted by Drag & Drop - Fixed an issue where you couldn't reorder your alert subscriptions by dragging and dropping.
  • Bug CSL-2375 | Multiple Videos Do Not Play at the Same Time on Some BrightSign Players - Fixed an issue that stopped multiple videos from playing at the same time on some BrightSign models.
  • Bug CSL-2378 | Proxy Domain Setting Isn't Saved to the Database - Fixed an issue where the proxy domain settings were not being saved to the database.
  • Bug CSL-1605 | Add Prompt When Disabling a Zone Alert That Has Linked Bulletins - When you disable an alert that has linked alerts in other zones, Carousel now prompts you to be sure you want to disable all alerts in other zones as well. Along with this, we now removed the "Disable Alerts" button if a user does not have access to disable linked alerts in other zones. The user can still disable the alerts manually in manage bulletins.
  • Bug CSL-1856 | Media Is Not Accessible by Copies of a Deleted Template - Fixed an issue where media referenced by deleted templates was no longer accessible if still referenced by copies of the template.
  • Bug CSL-2196 | Publishing an Imported Bulletin That Requires External Authentication Causes an Error - Bulletins that require external authentication will have their authentication source reset to default upon import into Carousel.
  • Bug CSL-2263 | Re-Importing a Channel Can Create an Existing File Error - Improved how the Clone tool writes files to fix a rare condition that could cause Clone imports to intermittently fail.
  • Bug CSL-2289 | ItemImageUrl Not Working For Some RSS Feeds - Fixed an issue where an RSS bulletin's character limit was being applied to URLs, rendering them incomplete and non-functional.
  • Bug CSL-2348 | RAVE Repeatedly Sending CAP POST - Fixed an issue in the CAP API endpoint where it would return a 500 error status code and cause the RAVE alert system to continually re-send the alert to Carousel.
  • Bug CSL-2353 | Cannot Create Bulletin Tag with a Period - Fixed an issue where you couldn't save a bulletin tag with a period.
  • Bug CSL-2362 | Carousel Attempts to Control MDM Configurations on Deleted Zones - Fixed an issue where deleting a full alert zone that had an MDM configuration profile set would not stop Carousel from attempting to control the MDM configuration profile through the Jamf API.
  • Bug CSL-2376 | Newlines in Date/Time Bulletins Are Not Properly Respected on BrightSign Players - Fixed an issue where newline characters were not properly respected on BrightSign clocks.
  • Bug CSL-2436 | BrightSign Players Can Timeout Getting Updated Content - Fixed an issue where BrightSign players were not retrieving updated content from the Carousel server if the network or server took a longer time than usual.
  • Bug CSL-2286 | Some Health Check Tests Fail When TLS/443 is Forced in IIS - Removing the http port 80 binding no longer causes the Carousel health check to report errors.