Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.5.1

May 9, 2019
  • CSL-2356 | BrightSign OS Version 8 Support For Series 3 and 4 Players - BrightSign OS 8.0.33 support for Series 3 and 4 Players and OS 7.1.65 support for Series 2 players.
  • CSL-2133 | Connecting to Multiple Domains within a Single LDAP Forest - You can now authenticate users across multiple different Active Directory domains.
  • CSL-2639 | Visually Depict BrightSign Player FW/OS Version Locked Status in the Player Dashboard - The player dashboard will now show 'version locked' status of BrightSign players even when they are on the same version as the server.
  • CSL-2662 | 4K Resolutions Added to the Channel Editor - 4K landscape and portrait resolution presets were added to the channel editor.
  • CSL-2571 | BrightSign Video Walls - All video wall channels must have only one zone.
  • CSL-2665 | Carousel Cloud Fails to Scope MDM Configuration Profile for Full Alerts - Fixed an issue where Carousel wouldn't use the MDM Configuration Profile's Site when creating the Mobile Device Group used to scoping the profile to players causing a "409 Conflict" and not applying the profile to the targeted players.
  • CSL-2156 | Cannot Upload Content in IE or Edge - Fixed an issue where you could not upload content in Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.
  • CSL-2448 | Expired EMS Bookings Continue to Show After They Expire - Fixed an issue where expired bookings would continue to show on EMS event display bulletins.
  • CSL-2509 | Brightsigns Flashes to Black When Transitioning In and Out of Clock Bulletins - Transitions to and from clock bulletins now cut to the next bulletin and no longer show black in-between on BrightSign players.
  • CSL-2515 | BrightSign Players Display Black if Font of Clock Bulletin is not Selected - Fixed an issue where BrightSign players would display black if a clock bulletin did not have a font selected by means of importing a bulletin with a font not installed on the server. It now displays the clock with a default font.
  • CSL-2527 | BrightSign FW Doesn't Revert to Supported Version Carousel Deploys if Beta Firmware is Manually Put on the Player - Brightsign Players will automatically synchronize their firmware version with Carousel's unless the player has its "Allow Software Updates" setting turned off in the Carousel UI's player dashboard.
  • CSL-2550 | Bulletin Scheduling Can Be Incorrect During Daylight Saving Time - Fixed an issue where zones with a custom timezone selected that were created since Carousel 7.0.0 were not respecting daylight saving time when scheduling bulletins.
  • CSL-2573 | Digital Date/Time Bulletins Show the Incorrect Timezone Offset - Fixed an issue where the 'z', 'zz' or 'zzz' timezone offset format strings would show the player's timezone information instead of the clock's timezone.
  • CSL-2600 | Windows Player Crash to Desktop Intermittently - Fixed an issue where an internal non-critical error could cause the Carousel Windows Player to exit silently. The Windows Player isn't configured to auto-restart out of the box so this caused the displays to sit on the Windows desktop, requiring user intervention.
  • CSL-2622 | RDA Commands Do Not Work Following the Security Fixes - Fixed an issue where RDA commands were no longer working after our latest security fixes.
  • CSL-2676 | Event Display can Display Events in Incorrect Timezone - Fixed an issue where events created in different timezones on an iCal source would be shown in the local timezone.
  • CSL-2470 | Carousel Adds Extra Default Backgrounds on Clone Import - Fixed an issue where an new gray background named "Default Background" could get added to zones while they are imported from a cloned channel.
  • CSL-2513 | User Cannot Delete Own Bulletin - Restored the ability for a user to delete their own bulletins even if they don't have the Manage Bulletins access right in the targeted zone.
  • CSL-2540 | Dynamic Bulletins Do Not Respect Zone Timezone Setting - Fixed an issue where dynamic bulletins such as event bulletins were not respecting their zone's timezone when displaying dates and times.
  • CSL-2608 | Some Supported File Types Cannot be Uploaded - Restored the ability to upload specific media formats used by the Windows and Brightsign players. The list of supported file formats is the following: JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, ICO, TTF, OTF, WOFF, WOFF2, SVG, EOT, MOV, M4V, MP4, AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, CSS, HTML, HTM, JS, XML, JSON, DAT, ZIP, 7Z, CSL, MPG, MPEG, WMV, SDP, DV, ASF, AVI, MP2, WMA, TIF, TIFF
  • CSL-2609 | Set Accessibility Site to Disabled for Imported Channels - Imported channels will not have the Accessibility Site enabled.
  • CSL-2623 | BrightSign Players Don't Show Bulletins Added if a Zone Only has a Clock Bulletin - Bulletins added to a zone with only a clock bulletin will display as expected, without a player reboot.
  • CSL-2624 | Carousel Rendering Service Sometimes Fails To Start - Fixed an issue where the Carousel Rendering Service could fail to start while the system was starting up because it couldn't reach the database server.
  • CSL-2652 | Certain RSS Feeds are not Displaying Images - Fixed an issue where certain feeds would not display their images, support for embedded images including MediaRSS is improved.
  • CSL-2654 | BrightSign Goes Into Boot Loop if Trying to Play 4k and 4k is not Supported on Player - When a BrightSign player is scheduled to display a channel at an unsupported resolution, the display will show an error message saying it is an unsupported resolution. This will display until the channel has been changed.
  • CSL-2670 | Video Blocks in Portrait Channels are Rendered in the Wrong Location on BrightSign - Fixed a bug where portrait channels on BrightSign players would position video blocks incorrectly.
  • CSL-2684 | after upgrading 6.x to 7.x, user can no longer edit channels in the channel editor - Fixed an issue where editing a channel caused an error "The zone with Id 0 does not exist.". This could happen following an upgrade from Carousel 6 to Carousel 7.