Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.5.2

May 23, 2019
  • CSL-2686 - Microsoft Server 2019 Support - Windows Server 2019 has been validated and is now part of the list of Windows versions Carousel supports.
  • CSL-2698 - Interactive Mouse/Touchscreens on BrightSign - Fixed an issue where mouse events were disabled on BrightSign players.
  • CSL-2739 - AD: members of TRMS_Users group are seen as Admins - Active Directory users which are members of the TRMS_Users group are no longer shown as (Admin) in Frontdoor.
  • CSL-144 - Default Zone Background Not Updating on Player When Changed - Updates to a channel's seamless background are now applied as expected, even on zones without bulletins.
  • CSL-2691 - Adding Background Audio Files to an Existing Playlist Mixes the New Files Between Existing - Fixed an issue where the order of channel background audio was not always predictable.
  • CSL-2697 - Account for Player Pagination in API Swagger Documentation - Better documentation in the Carousel API's /players endpoint Swagger page. Please see `CarouselAPI/swagger/ui/index#!/Players` .
  • CSL-2745 - Custom WebProxy Configuration Should Not Fail If No Authentication Is Specified - A custom Web Proxy configuration can now be saved even if the Authenticate option is not selected. This allows easier configuration of anonymous web proxies.