Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.5.5

December 16, 2019
  • CSL-3089 - Fixed an issue where BrightSign players could get stuck booting without proper network access.
  • CSL-2896 - A dynamic bulletin that runs into a non-critical rendering issue will no longer consume excessive CPU resources.
  • CSL-2916 - Fixed an issue where copies of a template couldn't display their associated media if the original was deleted.
  • CSL-3043 - Fixed an issue where an empty configuration could prevent a BrightSign player from booting and showing content.
  • CSL-3107 - Fixed an issue where the Player dashboard could display an IP address of a player instead of its name.
  • CSL-3136 - Improved SQL performance on larger systems
  • CSL-3200 - Fixed an issue where the interactive timeout was not respected on BrightSign units.
  • CSL-3240 - Fixed the API browsing page.
  • CSL-3247 - Fixed an issue where uploading multiple individual image bulletins at the same time could fail to upload some of the images.
  • CSL-3261 - Behavior change: when upgrading from a previous Carousel version, please ensure your Active Directory connection string only specifies the domain, and does not include the full path to the TRMS_ groups.
  • CSL-2914 - Fixed an issue where a newly connected player could show the wrong status (green) before it has successfully connected for the first time.
  • CSL-2991 - We fixed the handling of a network error during player connection that was causing the service to crash.
  • CSL-3100 - Fixed an issue where videos uploaded with special characters in their name, such as '#', would not be able to be played by certain players.
  • CSL-3203 - Fixed some security related issues.
  • CSL-3238 - Improved stability of the zones endpoint.