Release Notes

What's new and what's fixed!

Carousel 7.5.6

May 20, 2020
  • CSL-3318 - Active Directory changes:
    * Carousel enumerates groups and users using the Global Catalog.
    * Users can be scattered across multiple domains, just include one connection string/membership provider pair per domain controller on which Carousel users reside.
    * TRMS_Admins and TRMS_Users group names can now be customized.
  • CSL-3279 - Server-side security improvements.
  • CSL-3295 - Server-side security improvements.
  • CSL-3322 - Fixed an issue where bulletins would periodically render black.
  • CSL-3271 - General security enhancements.
  • CSL-3272 - General security enhancements.
  • CSL-3275 - General security enhancements.
  • CSL-3333 - Increased reliability of the web picture functionality.
  • CSL-3466 - Fixed a bug that would effect some of our templates rendering for the first time.
  • CSL-3514 - Fixed a bug to cause the rendering service to fail to start.
  • CSL-3276 - Security fix.
  • CSL-3377 - FrontDoor uninstall no longer gets stuck waiting for services to stop.
  • CSL-3402 - Made the URL protocol optional when making web snapshots or web picture blocks in bulletins.
  • CSL-3426 - Changed amount of memory given to the renderer.
  • CSL-3545 - Updated help text for Standby Graphics.
  • CSL-3604 - Fixed an issue where the year was missing from the date when using the "Wednesday, Apr 03, 1976" format on Event Display bulletins.
  • CSL-3656 - Multiple player channel schedule entries can now be successfully created in a single pass.
  • CSL-3376 - BrightSign players no longer freeze on Repeating Interactive bulletins.
  • CSL-3382 - Server security page opens as expected when using Active Directory integrated systems.
  • CSL-3510 - Apple TV displays accurate message when there are no licenses available.
  • CSL-3521 - Bulletins no longer disappear from the UI under specific grouping scenarios.
  • CSL-3543 - When Full Screen Alerts are activated, Crawls will be disabled upon completion of the active Crawl bulletin.
  • CSL-3600 - Updated Jamf Application Configuration XML to include opening and closing </plist> tags for iPad or Apple TV, as required by Jamf School.
  • CSL-3697 - Apple TV player settings no longer contain erroneous Monitor Control Settings.